Storage Solutions (Wales) Ltd


What we offer you
  • Each container is 160ft2 (20ft x 8ft, 1280cubic ft) – large enough to store a car or two!
  • The containers are secure, steel vaults.
  • The containers are clean and dry.
  • They are fire proof, water proof and rodent proof.

The containers are provided with their own CISA padlock – a duplicate key will be held in the key safe – ensuring their security.

We also provide smaller containers of 80ft2 (10ft x 8ft) – large enough to store a small car or a few rooms of furniture. As with the larger container, these containers are secure, steel vaults, clean and dry as well as fire proof, water proof and rodent proof.

Our storage yards include a 20x8ft container and a Paraside fence.

How much space do you need?
No of bedrooms
Space required
35-50 ft²
50-100 ft²
85-125 ft²
125-200 ft²


Van size
20’ Container
Space required
35-50 ft²
Up to 85 ft²
Up to160 ft²
Up to 200 ft²

Storage Solutions (Wales) Ltd. self-storage is an economical way of extending your space! If you have valuables that you want to keep but don’t have room to store, a container may be the answer for you.

For a lot less than building an extension, you can store the contents of several rooms in a single large container.

You can use your container to store virtually everything you own, with the exception of the items listed below.

Illegal and/or stolen goods Inflammable, explosive, or environmentally harmful goods Hazardous, perishable or items that are a risk to others: such as chlorine, acid, paint or petrol.